Class Format

All classes begin with a specially selected Scripture verse while students begin their breathing and relaxation in resting pose. During, students flow through a variety of different yoga poses while soft worship music plays. In closing, time is provided for rest and reflection in final resting pose. Scripture is re-read, aromatherapy is offered, and the instructor closes in prayer. 

All Skill Levels

(+ to +++++) indicate the level of difficulty of each class. At Living Waters, we encourage all students to approach their mat and their God differently each time, meaning each class will be different. Modifications, child's pose, and props are available to each and every student in each and every class. 

Rest & Restore +

A totally de-stressing and relaxing experience. Stretching and breathing with most postures on the floor. Comfortable props and blankets will help you relax. This class is designed to stretch the body, calm the mind, and center with Christ. This soothing practice allows for solitude, prayer, and meditation. 


Gentle Journey ++

This class is appropriate for all levels of experience and the perfect place to begin experiencing Christian yoga. This balance class is designed to de-stress your mind building core strength and provides time in each pose to master alignment. This class is great for athletes or runners on resting days. 


Yoga Mix +++

A popular blend of our Gentle and Strength classes allowing for more freedom and variety of postures.


Praise Journey +++

A yoga mix classes that is an extension of your Sunday worship. This class is uplifting and great for all levels.


Deep Stretch Journey +++

This class is specifically designed by Sarah to help you open up your joints and elongate your muscles as well as develop core muscle tone. Most of the postures are on your back. 


Strength Journey ++++

This class is designed to strengthen and tone muscles, focusing on building endurance and strength. The class will flow through a variety of poses including balancing postures and is perfect for intermediate to advanced students. 


Yoga Sculpt ++++

Yoga Sculpt is our version of cross-training and includes cardio, weight training, and yoga postures. 1-5 pound hand weights are available to assist students in toning and tightening muscles. Come with an open mind to challenge yourself and be prepared to sweat. 


Power Strength +++++

This class incorporates hand weights to strength-building yoga postures. Except to engage in multiple reps and hold poses for strength building. Perfect for intermediate to advanced students. 


Power Flow +++++

This energizing class involves a variety of intermediate and advanced postures that flow together seamlessly. We heat the room to give participants a good, detoxifying sweat. If you're looking for a fun, challenging, and high energy class, you've found it.